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Cranked Up is a challenging and crazy platform game where animal-themed donuts equipped with powerful rockets try to save Mr. Mug, their favorite cup of coffee! Complete 50 levels across two different worlds in an extensive single-player campaign mode. Play Cranked Up across various game modes, from Adventure story mode to hardcore Floor is Lava mode to Chrono mode.


  • Plays a giant animal donut equipped with rockets!
  • Roll, jump, bounce and push your donut mastery to the extreme.
  • Finds the hidden levels.
  • Unlocks and collects donuts.
  • Reachs the top of the rankings by challenging your friends.

The Controller
In normal difficulty we control the donut in the classic way of a platform game.
In addition to the normal difficulty, we have created a difficulty challenge that changes the controller completely. It offers a clever system of rockets allowing you to move forward, but despite its outward simplicity, it remains a challenging way of maneuvering through the game world. Activate the right rocket at the right time. Otherwise, you risk going the wrong way.

Games Modes

  • Adventure
    Advance through the levels to save Mr. Mug, collect sugar canisters. You will then be able to unlock and play the famous hidden donuts.
  • Chrono
    The chronometer mode is built so that you can improve your rocket control in the best possible way.
    In this mode you will be able to get different medals by beating the bronze, silver and then gold ghosts. Finally, this is where you will be able to see the best times of your friends and the world. Challenge the rankings if you feel you can!

  • Floor is Lava
    For the most reckless players among you, a mode where the floor is lava is available!
    Finish an environment for the first time to unlock its "Floor is Lava" mode where touching the flaming floor instantly cooks your donut. Each level in this mode is different from its original version and cannot be finished in the same way. And it's also the opportunity to catch even more sugar canisters!

System Requirements Cranked Up

System Requirements Windows

OS: Win 10 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i5 4200U
Graphics: Geforce 820M
DirectX: DirectX 11

Additional Notes: Controller highly recommended.

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